Financial Stewardship With Faith In The Future

August 02, 2010  |   Featured

Planning your retirement is more than just investing well. You must make sure that your savings will last for your lifetime and arrange your finances so that your heirs and not the government get what is left. Tony Dale will help you meet those challenges, even in volatile economic times, guiding you in protecting your savings and arranging income for life.

An advisor with character who can help you to make your money last.

Without the right financial knowledge, you may end up living a life of “quiet desperation” instead of the celebration your retirement could be. Tony wants the best for you and will act to simplify financial matters so you can live well and confidently.
A focus on tax-efficient investing

Your after-tax return matters most. Tony understands this and favors investments that allow his clients to keep more and the government less.

There comes a time in life when you need to invest in a risk-averse way. The good news is that you can arrange your portfolio so that you benefit from market gains while shielding yourself from stock market losses. Ask Tony how. He can show you. In today’s troubled times, asset protection is as important asset appreciation.

Call or email Tony today and let him provide you with the personal financial care, insight, and knowledge you deserve.

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